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About Us
Welcome to the out-of-town club of family rest, restaurant and hotel complex "Zelenyy Hay"!

We are glad to greet you in our establishment, reproduced in the best European traditions.

Three halls of restaurant with the refined interior, 18 comfortable hotel numbers, modern conference hall, arbours, brazier, sports and playgrounds are waiting for you. For the sake of your safety all the territory and parking are under the guard.

Restaurant and hotel complex "Zelenyy Hay" - here Your dreams come true!

You are welcome !

Restaurant and hotel complex "Zelenyy Hay" .
Ресторанно-готельний комплекс "Зелений Гай", тел у Луцьку. (067) 334 21 41, (063) 407 66 16 (0332) 285 333, Готель: (0332) 206 206 Design by: Epatant Crew Power by: Welard
Хмарка - интерент-магазин бытовой химии, средств личной гигиены и косметики